Beautiful fall colors are almost upon us! As florists we take this granted but nature has always more to offer everyday. This fall, i am planning to visit these wonderful places if i can find the time! (You know the feeling..)

1. Royal Botanical Gardens Kew

autumn in kew gardens

Kew's arboretum comes into its own in the autumn with its vast collection of beautiful trees in the midst of seasonal change. If the weather is not being kind, head inside and experience the tropical climate of the glasshouses, followed by a well-earned coffee and cake at one of the on-site cafes. Look carefully and spot the dasylirion wheeleri making its way through the roof in the Princess of Wales Conservatory.

2. Hergest Croft Gardens

hergest croft in autumn

One of the finest collections of trees and shrubs in England creates a dazzling display of autumn colour in Herefordshire. Reds, yellows, purple and gold leaves glisten throughout the Azalea Garden, Maple Grove and Park Wood. The gardens extend over 70 acres with more than 5,000 rare trees and shrubs, perfect for an autumjn amble taking in the rich, earthy tones of the season.

3.  Wakehurst Gardens

wakehurst in autumn kew

`Wakehurst bursts with color in autumn. The hottest, driest summer in a generation will leave sun-drenched memories for us and a profound legacy for many of the plants.

Shortening days and colder nights tell trees to prepare for dormancy and the change in seasons sparks a multitude of responses from the diverse plant collection.

Green chlorophyll is broken down in the tree’s leaves and recycled, revealing orange and yellow pigments below. New rich reds (pigments called anthocyanins) are synthesised as the leaf’s structure breaks down.`

4. Winkworth Arboretum

winkworth arboretum

A hillside woodland with over 1,000 different shrubs and trees, many of them rare, is waiting for you to wander and explore. Enjoy the autumnal pallet of golds, browns, coppers, bronzes and reds, all reflecting in the ripples of the lake. Lose yourself in the majesty of the parkland, and then stop for a cup of tea in the Arbor Tea Room.

5. Exbury Gardens

exbury gardens autumn

Planted in 1919 by Lionel de Rothschild, Exbury Gardens offer the best of the old – with some exciting new developments, which keep the gardens’ appeal growing. The Viburnumand Cotoneaster are particularly fine in this autumn garden. Wander through glades down to the Beaulieu River for some fine waterside views.

See you there!




August 24, 2021 — Cagla Gulsah Kabaca
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