I started designing with dried & preserved flowers long before we decided to grow and preserve our own sustainable flowers for you.


I was born in Istanbul, Turkey, so I used to play in my grandma's garden the whole summer long, discovering all kinds of plants. I learned to take care of vegetable gardens and fruit trees when I was 6.


With all the love I had for flowers, I kept my connection with nature.


When I was back from the garden on a summer afternoon, I forgot and left poppies outside in the sun. This was my first experience drying flowers. I remember I used to press leaves between the pages of my storybook, to save their colors like the first day.

Mert was also born in Istanbul, but our paths crossed just 23 years later, in 2015. We were in love with traveling the world. 



Kew Botanical Gardens, London | 2017

When we visited Kew Gardens together, we remembered why we love nature so much. The collection of hundreds of plants impressed us once again.

I was very determined to live very close to Kew Gardens because of its beauty.


Moving to London | 2018

I was already established my dried floral design business in Turkey after graduation before we decided to move to the UK. After that, Hidden Botanics grew rapidly.

I never stopped creating and evolving my eternal floral design techniques. I still love to learn from nature itself and other creatives from all around the world.. 

Weddings & Dried Flower Design (etsy) | 2018

I can't forget the day when I first uploaded a dried floral piece to Etsy. It was a rainy day, and I had to dry my gypsophilas in the bathroom. 


Etsy Success | 2018  ~ ongoing

Nothing comes from waiting and doing nothing. Mert and I have put all of our efforts & time into growing our Sustainable Brand, Hidden Botanics Family. I work on my dried flower collections seasonally. Custom orders are based on our availability. To check, you can email us from here.

I started designing in the living room of our 1+1 apartment in London. Now Hidden Botanics has a 300 square meters Design Studio Space, and we are looking to expand in the next 1-2 years.


Norwich, Opening our Headquarters | 2021 ~

We traveled across the UK and fell in love with Scottish nature when we were on the road for North Coast 500. We sunbathed with bunny tails in Wales and got caught in a storm for 3 days when we were in the Isle Of Skye. In the end, we decided that Norwich should be a new home.


Bringing sustainable flowers to your doorstep. For small businesses & professionals.

Hidden Botanics Wholesale was planted in my heart when I discovered the power of dried floral designs. Our farmers grow the flowers & grasses in their seasons. 

All of our eternal floral range is naturally dried and preserved. We hope to give you the joy of keeping your wedding flowers forever in your home after your wedding.