When you are planning a wedding chances are that you've seen "boho" is very high. So what is this boho style that everyone is talking about ?

Boho chic acquired its name (Bohemian) from the name of the historical Bohemia located in central Europe, now being in the territory of Czech Republic. Boho chic comes from the ‘bohémiens’, the gypsies having lived in that territory.  In fact, if we look closer at the descriptive details of this style, we will find the specific characteristic features of the gypsy culture, coming as weightless fabrics, floral details, embroidery, ethnic vibes, etc.

Boho is rooted deeply to the nature and embodies human freedom. So outdoor decoration will be number one priority if you want to go for that boho look!

Even if you don’t completely identify with this “hippie” inspired lifestyle, you can still express your unique tastes and incorporate the boho theme into your wedding. 


In this style you will see a lot of lace wedding dresses, a lot! And for a good reason, it gives you a look that is closer to the texture of nature and sense of handmade lace or crochet dress can not be beaten by any other.


Steal the look!

Summer-spring season of 2019 is full of baby's breath (gypsophilas) and eucalyptus leaves!

The perfect part is baby's breath is always in season (some months are high up in quality then others) so it doesn't matter when you are getting married, you will always have access to this beautiful crowns!


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Boho style is always about the little touches that you will make. It is full of green and laid back vibes so if you are a nature lover like me it's a perfect style to celebrate your best day!


Geometrical shapes with the match of textures! And king of backdrops in 2019 is "Pampas Grass"

It is lush and fluffy, both elegant and playful at the same time.

Of course if pampas grass is not your thing, there is still a lot of room to discover and explore. You can even DIY most of the backdrops with copper pipes and quality silk flowers. Just go for it and find your style. 

Here are some inspirations that we loved and you may also like:


Soo when it comes to the cake i have a soft spot, hopefully you too! I can't tell you enough of that swiss meringue buttercream!

Anyways, here are some of our top picks for the bohemian style wedding cakes:

Don't forget the cake toppers!

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Go out there be creative, be wild and have fun!
Don't forget that it is your day.
See you next time!

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