So at last you decided to push that `purchase` button because let's be honest you already know you are a plant whisperer and flower queen but somehow they die anyway!

Okay now you are in good hands, you bought dried flowers. Let's make sure they live a long happy life in your home.

1. Display them indoor 

This is very important because dried flowers are very delicate so you need to keep them away from strong winds and most importantly rain. 

2. Keep them away from direct sunlight

Sunlight does not kill your flowers directly but it can make colors fade overtime. So make sure to keep them away from window sills. That does not mean room has to be dark, indirect light is not a problem for dried flowers. So as long as you make sure sun is not directly shining down on them they will be just fine.

That is me in my pampas heaven!

3. Keep them away from humidity 

This step is one of the most important steps in the list. Humidity is the number one enemy for your gorgeous dried flowers. So i do not recommend you to display them in kitchen or bathroom most of the time if you want them to last 1-3 years. Excess of humidity might cause mold in 2-3 weeks time if they are unchecked. Please make sure you do not miss this step.

4. Clean the dust away from your flowers

You have a couple of options for this step. 

  1. Hairdryer
  2. Air compressor
  3. Feather duster

Hairdryer needs to be in cold setting and in low power so you can avoid the damage.

Air compressor can also be used but make sure you are in the safe distance from flowers.

Feather duster can be used for bigger arrangements with palm spears. 

5. Cedar chips to keep moths away

You can use cedar chips or non-toxic repellent formula to keep moths away. They do damage dried flowers when they are around.

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August 16, 2021 — Cagla Gulsah Kabaca

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