1. Hidden Botanics Wholesale - Dried & Preserved Flowers
Hidden Botanics Wholesale Dried Flowers
"Grown in our own farms. We handpick the best quality flowers. Dry and preserve them with care and bring them to you at affordable prices."
For small businesses and creatives.
2. Essentially Hops - Hops & Flowers
essentially hops dried flowers uk
"Freshly hand-picked throughout the summer months and kiln-dried on the farm, Hops & Flowers also delivers an extensive variety of country dried flowers and dried grasses throughout the year."
3. Barn Florist - Wholesale Flowers & Foliage
barn florist dried flowers uk
"Barn Florist brings you a stunning collection of dried and preserved flowers and foliage"
4. Atlas Flowers - Wholesale B2B Supplies
atlas flowers dried flowers uk
"With our backgrounds firmly rooted in horticulture and a love of the natural world, we started Atlas Flowers in 2006.  From the outset our vision has been to search out and source beautiful items with a unique look and feel. We work with many growers and factories around the world to source the best quality dried, preserved, fresh and faux products."
5. Fora Nature - All About Preserved
fora nature dried flowers wholesale
"Presenting the world’s largest range of preserved flowers and greenery. We are the exclusive importer of the best known preserved flower and foliage brands under the sun, and as such, we are a complete destination for exquisite, low-maintenance and, of course, natural flowers"
August 27, 2021 — Cagla Gulsah Kabaca
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