As florists we need to use right tools for the job! There are so many options out there, it can get overwhelming very quickly. I compiled this list for you to decide quickly on what to buy and start creating your beautiful floral pieces right away.

1. Scissors

This is a very good investment for your floristry journey. A good carbon blade scissor will be a life-saver. As you go along this list you will notice a lot of `Oasis` as a brand. They are specialised in floral supplies area and i have been using them since day 1. (They are not sponsoring this in anyway.) 

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2.Glue Gun


Another life saver. Either you are trying to glue artificial flowers and the stems together or you are trying to add small pearls to crowns these are perfect for the job.

You can purchase by clicking here.

3. Special Ribbon Scissors

Although you can use the same scissors that you purchased for flowers but i do not recommend it. Because the blade of it can go dull especially if you are cutting hard stems like palm spears. So you need a really sharp ribbon scissors to stop a ribbon from fraying.

You can purchase by clicking here.

4. Pruning Shears

These are especially good for large stems or if you are doing a large bunch with dried flowers.

You can purchase by clicking here.

5. Florist Knife

Especially good for any kind of thorns. If you are working with fresh or dried roses you need to have one. Very easy to hold and light for prolonged use.

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6. Wire Cutter

Whether you are working with fresh or dried flowers you sometimes need wires to hold them in place and shape the overall design. In this case you also need wire cutter to cut wires and also artificial flower's stems. 

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7. Florist Wire

Very important tool especially working with dried flowers, crowns and wreaths.

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8. Floral Tape

Versatile Flower Wire: Suitable for making garlands, artificial flowers, wreath making and crowns. You can create long-lasting flowers with this moisturizing floral ribbon. It will keep cut flowers alive a bit longer.

You can purchase by clicking here.

9. Floral Adhesive Waterproof Glue

Especially when you are working with fresh flowers you are not able to use hot glue. In those cases this is another life saver on the list.

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10. BONUS! Starter KIT for £13.99

This one has everything you need if you just want to get started with 1-2 pieces.

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I hope this small list help you start your floristry journey. When i was first starting i was looking everywhere to be able to find beginner items that would help me get started.

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Stay floral!












August 20, 2021 — Cagla Gulsah Kabaca
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