For contemporary inspiration these are the must-follow accounts on instagram.

1. Lisa Cooper - @doctorcooper


Lisa Cooper is a florist, artist, author and doctor of philosophy. Doctor Cooper holds a doctorate of philosophy in fine art from the College of fine arts, university of New South Wales and is a permanent artist resident of Carriageworks in Sydney, Australia. Doctor Cooper studio is her commercial flower business spanning major installations to hand delivered flower gestures. dr. cooper’s work has been featured in many Australian and international books, magazines, journals and television programs. while her distinctive flower work has been commissioned by some of the most celebrated in the business and arts world including, the national gallery of Australia, the prime minister’s office, the Australian ballet, the museum of contemporary art, tiffany & co. Deutsche bank, club 21, omega, gallery a.s., Toni Maticevski, romance was born and the Sydney Theatre Company. Murdoch books published her book, The Flowers, in november 2015. 

2. Tulipina - @Tulipinadesign


Kiana Underwood is the owner of Tulipina, an internationally renowned floral design studio that specializes in creating bespoke experiences for luxury weddings and events. Her use of unique color combinations and floral varieties draws admirers and floral designers from all over the world to her sold-out workshops. Her debut book, Color Me Floral, covers the secrets to designing show-stopping monochromatic arrangements for each season. She splits her time between California and New York, with her husband, Nathan, and their three children. Kiana’s work can be seen in NY Times, Brides, Elle Décor, Elle Spose, Country Living, Marie Claire, Flower Magazine, Couture Flowers, French Country Style, California Homes, Veter, Town and Country, Flutter, and more.

3. Sarah Winward - @sarah_winward


Sarah Winward is a destination wedding florist that creates flower arrangements inspired by the texture and changing of seasons in nature. Her flowers evoke the feeling of freshly gathered garden flowers, with all their natural variations and inconsistencies.   She has traveled all over the world creating flowers for couples in many different environments. Her philosophy is that flowers should feel natural in the environment that they are going to be viewed in. She goes to great lengths to source the perfect flowers to complete a desired look, but also finds many of her materials in the immediate area that the event will be held. The final product truly is an extension of it’s surroundings, her interpretation of nature. She finds joy in collaborating with a couple to create flowers unique for their event; taking inspiration from them, the season, and the surroundings. Each arrangement is more than just a centerpiece or a bouquet, it has layers of beauty that are meant to be experienced, not just seen. Sarah works internationally , but resides in Salt Lake City, Utah, where she calls the base of the Rocky Mountains home.

4. Erin Benzakein - @floretflower

`Family is at the heart of Floret Flower Farm. We are fortunate to spend our days working with a terrific team that shares our vision of bringing more beauty into the world. Floret Flower Farm cares deeply about the environment and is committed to conducting the business in harmony with nature. On our farm, we use only organic growing practices and integrate sustainability into every decision we make.`

5. Brittany Asch - @brrch_floral

brittany asch brrch floral designs

BRRCH is the NY based floral project of Brittany Asch. founded in 2013, on the principle of delivering flowers as art to heighten the appreciation of the natural world around us.  With a deep respect For natural landscapes, Brittany aims to create Floral climates from worlds that do not exist, often elevating the flower Elements she shares into the realm of fantasy and Surreality. Her work with Flowers was once described as, “What love would look like if love could materialize into floral form.”  With BRRCH, Brittany has collaborated and Consulted across many mediums with other artists, musicians, and brands. She has produced flower pieces for Film, Books, Concerts, Television, music videos, Garments, installations, Album Covers, Royalty, and His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama.  Her flower work, endorsed by NY Times, Vogue, Martha Stewart, And an ever-growing clientele roster is specifically tailored with each Recipient in mind. She derives great pleasure from making meaningful and memorable work while challenging our traditional notions of flower Arrangements And our interactions with them. Brittany Asch would like for People to take note of what is directly in front of them, and to Find in her work another point of entrance to dreams. 

6. Azuma Makoto - @azumamakoto


AMKK (Toshin, Hanaki Institute) is a group that develops experimental creations based on flowers and plants of flower artist Toshin (Azuma Makoto), and the activity is that only flowers and plants exist. By finding the most mysterious form that you are doing, converting it to an artistic level and expressing it, it is consistent with increasing the existence value of plants. Azuma Makoto Azuma Born in 1976. Flower artist Starting in 2002, he creates designs for his order, purchases flowering materials, and creates a bouquet of haute couture flower shops “JARDINS des FLEURS” in Ginza (now located in Minami Aoyama). From around 2005, in addition to these activities as a florist, pursue the possibility of expression by plants, started sculptural work = Botanical Sculpture which can be called sculptural work, and began to draw attention from overseas.

7. Hattie Molloy - @hattiemolloy

Hattie Molloy is a Melbourne florist in a class of her own. Her unique and thoughtful approach to floristry showcases arrangements that resemble works of art. These assortments and bouquets are unpredictable and complex, seamlessly mixing traditional with contemporary, allowing Hattie to carve out a niche as one of Australia’s top floral creatives. We spoke with the lovely Hattie on how she manages to juggle it all and where she finds her inspiration. Hattie Molloy’s nostalgic connection with flowers is the power that drives her contemporary and dynamic creative practice. Emotive connection with Hattie’s work is compelled by sensory experience, her work existing somewhere between floristry, sculpture and installation art.

I hope these incredible artists also give you inspiration as they do to me. If want to check out my instagram too. See you there! @hiddenbotanics



August 19, 2021 — Cagla Gulsah Kabaca

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