Baby's breath the new star of the weddings did not start out that way. It was only used as a filler flower. In the early 1990s, this type of flower is seen tucked in floral arrangements and bouquets. But in 2020s they will be the main star of the show in arches, display pieces and table decorations.
(Turkey (my home country) has 35 types of endemic gypsophila types. That is why we decided to invest in growing our very own flowers)
Every flower has a unique meaning and a symbolism around it. Baby's breath has the meaning of innocence. Delicate nature of flowers reminds us the purity of babies intentions. That is why often times gypsophilas are perfect gifts to mothers who recently gave birth. 
One thing is for sure that we will see a lof baby's breath in the future. For 2021-2022 wedding season make sure that you include them into your selection.
You can check out our own sustainibly grown gypsophila from here.
Stay floral!
August 18, 2021 — Cagla Gulsah Kabaca

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