When the Valentine's Day is approaching, you may be wandering around to find the loveliest, meaningful and unique gift idea for her, or even if you are looking for something for yourself there's not a better idea than floral crowns!
I know It sounds a little cheese to some folks to celebrate Valentine's day but we all know the spirit of it is making us stay young always.
And we are sure Valentine's day is another universal day for you and your boo to celebrate your luv in a meaningful and memorable way.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for her

 Here is the list of handmade floral crowns, each is unique because handmade.
''each crown is a garden alike''
''Just a piece of garden in her hair.''

1.  Bridal Romantic Floral Hairband Valentine's Day Gift for Her

2. Forest Herbs Hair Wreath with dried flowers and silk leaves

3. Purple Roses Rustic Hair Comb (Wedding / Bridal Hair Comb)




January 08, 2019 — Cagla Gulsah Cantimur

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