Dried Lunaria - Honesty Flowers White/Cream All Natural


Also known as Dried Honesty Bunch, this delicate bundle of Dried Lunaria is so stunningly amazing that it attracts everyone’s attention naturally. The Bleached Lunaria has an alluring ivory nuance. With an approx length of 70 cm, this Dried Lunaria Bunch can be styled in your favourite vase or put together with other Dried Flowers to achieve a chic decor. The White Lunaria is 100% Natural and long-lasting.
Colour: Natural

Product Length: 45 cm for abroad, and approx 60 cm for UK orders

Sold per: bunch

Minimal order: 1

The maximum length will be 50-60 cm, however due to this being a natural product there may be variation in product length and it will change depending on where it's shipped.